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> Download our ESD (ElectroStaticDischarge) Flooring BrochureMSC-Floors-ESD-Flooring-Brochure-4-page

> Download “Five Distinct Reasons to Choose Crete-Clean Plus with Scar Guard” flyer: creteclean-plus-with-scar-guard-5-reasons-to-buy
How to properly Care for your Retroplate Floor : Polished-Concrete-Maintenance
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> Download the Quartz Color Chart, Solid Colors and Blends: MSC-Quartz-Color-Chart
> Download the extended Color Flakes BrochureMSC-Floors-Color-Flakes-Brochure
> Download the BASF Color Portfolio Color Chart (Ucrete, Mastertop, etc) : BASF-MBS-Color-Portfolio-Selection-Guide
> Download the Ameripolish Dye & Seal Color Chart : Ameripolish Dye Classic Color Chart
> Download the Protective Industrial Polymers Common Color Guide : PIP Common Color Guide
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> Download the Tennant Coatings Quartz Selection ChartMSC-Floors-Tennant-Quartz-Color-Chart

> Download the Press Release of Michigan Specialty Coatings winning the Tennant Coatings “Contractor of the Year” 2015 2015-contractor-of-the-year-Tennant-Coatings-MSC
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