Industrial Painting Services and Specialty Coatings

Michigan Specialty Coatings offers industrial painting services as well as sandblasting.    Our in-house industrial painting division allows us to provide complete solutions from the floor to the ceilings. Our core operations are focused in the Midwest where we have a strong presence throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Benefits of Our Industrial Painting Services

Working with Michigan Specialty Coatings for industrial painting in Michigan or elsewhere in the Midwest can provide you with several benefits. You’ll be able to see a difference when you hire our team of professionals to complete projects of any extent.

One of the key benefits of getting industrial painting services or any of the other services that we offer is the lack of downtime, as we can work around your schedule to provide optimum convenience for every project.

You’ll also benefit from top-quality painting services using only the best painting materials and equipment. We make sure that our team of professional painters understands what is needed to get the job done right, with the experience needed to efficiently and effectively complete projects for nearly any type of industrial facility.

Choose from a Variety Services for Industrial Painting Projects in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

When you choose Michigan Specialty Coatings to complete your industrial painting projects, you can choose from several different services to give you the exact results you want. From more conventional painting services to complex projects, we can meet all of your needs to complete projects on schedule and with a consistent level of quality.

MSC offers a wide variety of industrial painting services to meet the comprehensive needs of our diverse client base:

Silo Maintenance and Industrial Asset Protection

Silo coatings protect silos from abrasion, corrosion, and chemical attacks, which can all play a role in the life span of the structure.   Michigan Specialty Coatings have been servicing the food and beverage industry for over 2 decades. One of the ways we service our customers is asset protection. Coating our customers most important assets to protect them from deterioration and maintaining their appearance. 

Corrosion is the number 1 enemy of an industrial silo.   It will shorten the life span of the structure and increase the possibility of contamination of the products inside.   Abrasion is a distinctive sign of excessive use and can cause visible deterioration to silo walls as well as slow flow or cause corrosion.   Stored dry bulk chemicals are aggressive toward tanks, and like abrasion, may eventually cause break-down, all of which can drastically reduce the service life of the silo. 

Deterioration poses a problem for all types of industrial silos: whether the dry bulk material requires frequent movement; loading or unloading or is simply limited to standing storage over long periods of time.  The best defense that exists to protect your silo structure & storage tanks against corrosion damage is a specialty coating. 

Specialty Coatings can be found on both the exterior and interior of the silo.   There are a number of unique coating products designed for each industrialized structure. These coatings generally tend to offer tremendous resistance against abrasion and corrosion.   Specialized Coatings & Fresh Paint Also provide chemical resistance for corrosive liquids, such as acids and bases, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations.  

Michigan Specialty Coatings offers a wide variety of industrial coating services to meet the comprehensive needs of our diverse client base: