Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) floor coatings is one of the solutions used to keep a variety of facilities protected. Using an ESD flooring system, you can keep equipment and employees safe from electric shock.

High-Performance ESD Flooring Solutions

ESD floor coating is typically installed in facilities that manufacture electronics, plastics, powders, and avionics products, which are all particularly vulnerable to electrostatic discharge. These applications require top-quality ESD flooring solutions to help prevent incidents such as damage to machinery, shocks to employees, and arc flashes, among other potential harm or damage.

Benefits of ESD Floor Coatings

There are several key benefits that come with the installation of ESD flooring in your facility. One of these is the dissipation of electrostatic discharge, which meets ESD Association guidelines.

ESD floor coatings also ground the floor for additional protection, and are resistant to impact, chemicals, and abrasions. They create a sanitary and seamless floor surface, without any waxing required for maintenance. These solutions can also feature waterproofing and moisture-mitigation underlayments for certain applications.

These benefits make ESD flooring one of the best solutions for many facilities.

The Difference Between ESD and Conductive Flooring

In addition to ESD floor coating solutions, facilities can also install conductive flooring. Generally, any application that needs to adhere to ESD Association guidelines will require ESD flooring. These applications include avionics, electronics, semiconductor, plastic, and powder production facilities. Other applications that require protective measures against electrostatic shock will benefit from general conductive flooring.

Get Top-Quality ESD Flooring Today

If your facility requires sufficient protection from electrostatic discharge in accordance with ESD Association guidelines, Michigan Specialty Coatings can provide you with a complete ESD flooring solution to meet your needs.

With our high-quality ESD floor coatings, you can keep your facility and personnel protected at all times from electrical shock and meet company-wide safety standards. Regardless of the application and extent of the installation, we’ll provide your facility with everything it needs to meet industry standards and protect equipment and employees.

To get started with an ESD flooring installation, request a free site survey from MSC today and our experts will assess your floors to determine what will work best for your facility. We have the resources and experience needed to give you a complete ESD floor coating solution that lasts for many years. Depending on your facility’s needs, you may also benefit from one of our other high-performance flooring installations.