If you’re looking for reliable industrial or commercial floor coating solutions or other flooring services in Indiana, MSC Floors is here to provide you with top-quality solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. Learn more about what we offer here and discuss your project with us today.

Indiana Floor Coating Services

Michigan Specialty Coating provides customized floor coating solutions in Indiana for a variety of facilities in many different industries. You’ll be able to maintain your flooring with the help of our comprehensive solutions, whether your require them for an industrial or commercial application.

Get Reliable Indiana Industrial and Commercial Flooring Solutions

Whether you’re in need of commercial or industrial floor coatings or other types of solutions for your flooring, we offer services that you can count on for excellent results whenever you work with us.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Indiana

Our Indiana epoxy and floor coating solutions can provide superior durability and resistance compared to concrete, with dependable resistance to heavy loads, chemicals, and extreme conditions. We engineer each solution to meet our clients’ specific requirements, environment, and budget to ensure the highest level of protection.

Polished Concrete

To further protect your flooring, we also offer polished concrete solutions that can restore the floor’s surface. Our polished concrete flooring uses a combination of strengthening, grinding, and polishing to refurbish the floor’s surface into one that’s both durable and glossy. This will help maximize the performance of your flooring systems.

Indiana Industrial Painting Services

MSC Floors also offers industrial painting and sandblasting, along with other floor coating services in Indiana. We can provide painting services that cover the floor to the ceiling of your facility, with the help of experienced professionals who have completed a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. We only use top-quality materials and equipment to complete each project, with a lack of downtime to keep your facility in operation.

Other Flooring Services

To get the most out of our flooring systems, we also offer a selection of other flooring services to keep your floors in excellent condition.

Concrete Restoration and Repairs in Indiana

The condition of your flooring system is largely dependent on the condition of your floor’s concrete and substrate. We can also help you maintain the integrity of your floors with concrete repair and restoration services, which can facilitate the installation of a successful flooring system.

Joint and Crack Repair Services

Over time, concrete floors will age and experience cracking, along with other types of superficial damage. We can provide repairs to help prevent any accidents from occuring in your facility, which also preventing future safety risks and contamination. As a result, your flooring will benefit from flooring that’s both level and smooth.

Concrete Preparation Services

Without proper preparation, concrete flooring is likely to suffer from coatings that peel, break, or fail in other ways due to inadequate adherence. These inadequacies can leave your flooring compromised, risking contamination or accidents. Through the use of reliable equipment, we can prepare concrete surfaces of all types for the application of floor coating solutions.

Indiana OSHA Floor Striping Safety Standards

Floor striping is a commonly used service used in a variety of facilities to provide visual cues in changing work environments. We can provide customized floor striping in several different colors for permanent or temporary applications. All of our floor striping is intended to meet OSHA safety standards and adhere to compliance guidelines.

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services

If you need electrical services that you can rely on to keep your facility running the way it should, we also provide these services for clients of all types, with over 28 years of collective experience completing a wide range of projects.

Polished Concrete with OSHA Line Striping

Receive Flooring Services in Any City in Indiana

Regardless of where you’re located in Indiana, we can provide services in your area, with the ability to service customers in cities such as:

  • Indianapolis
  • Fort Wayne
  • Evansville
  • Lawrence Township
  • Perry Township
  • South Bend
  • Carmel

Regardless of your needs, we can provide commercial and industrial floor coating services in Indiana along with other solutions and services that can meet your specifications. Simply contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our flooring experts to discuss your project.

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