Chemical processing facilities have certain specific requirements when it comes to flooring installations. A multitude of factors such as wet settings, extreme temperatures, and high-pressure washing can damage a facility’s floors over time if they’re not properly protected with a protective finish. However, with the installation of reliable flooring and maintenance services, your facility can remain both safe and efficient.

Chemical Processing Facility Flooring Installation Requirements

Certain types of heavy equipment and corrosive chemicals will eventually damage floors without sufficient protective measures in place. Wear can also accumulate over time due to heavy foot traffic and heavy machinery.

A well-maintained flooring system will help keep these facilities safer and less vulnerable to damage.

Minimizing the Need for Repairs

When installing flooring in a chemical processing facility, you may think that maintenance policies aren’t a necessary feature, but the fact is that they can help you save money in the long term. Certain equipment, chemicals, heavy machinery, and debris in the facility will damage flooring over time if it’s not protected, and even light impact could cause more harm if the surface is already damaged. Joint damage is another aspect that facility managers should take into account.

Chemical processing companies can save more money and time by preventing these issues when installing the initial flooring. Keep in mind that damaged flooring can also leave other equipment, supplies, and staff at risk of damage or harm in facilities, as equipment will require more frequent repairs when used on worn floors, and the risk of work-related injuries will also be greater.

Floor and Wall Services for the Chemical Processing Industry

One of the best ways for a chemical processing facility to keep its flooring in good condition is to install a new top-quality floor surface in addition to the initial flooring. This surfacing could include a protective coating in addition to a properly installed floor base. However, if flooring has already experienced damage as a result of insufficient protection, you can also contact professional flooring installers to perform repairs. Installers can also incorporate epoxy and other finishes for further protection.

MSC Floors offers a variety of floor and wall services to help keep chemical processing facilities in good condition, including:

Chemical Processing Facility Concrete Repair

Concrete will eventually require repairs for varying degrees of damage. Our concrete repair services include concrete diamond grinding, sandblasting and shotblasting, floor sloping, scarification, concrete scraping, floor flattening, trip hazard removal, dry concrete cleaning, and dust proofing.

Crack and Joint Repair

Cracks will eventually develop in floors as the materials age and experience wear, which can increase the risk of contamination and accidents. Joint and crack repair services can remove any existing safety hazards and help reduce the risk of injury, prepare concrete and substrate for floor coating application, eliminate contamination areas, and prevent bacteria buildup.

Concrete Preparation

Concrete preparation services are needed to make sure that the floor coatings don’t peel, break, or fail over time as a result of inadequate adhesion. With concrete floor preparation prior to coating, chemical processing facility flooring systems will benefit from added overall efficiency while preventing the formation of any flaws that might otherwise allow for damage and contamination.

OSHA Floor Striping

Some facilities in the chemical processing industry may need OSHA floor striping, which we also offer to maintain compliance with all OSHA safety guidelines for both marking and striping.

Tank and Wall Coatings for Chemical Processing Facilities

Tank and wall coatings can provide additional protection for certain chemical processing facilities, preventing damage while making walls and tanks easier to clean and maintain. These coatings also provide more corrosion resistance and can help create a safer work environment.

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting is frequently needed for chemical processing facilities. We can provide painting for nearly any type of project. We offer aluminum and vinyl finishing, seamless urethane and epoxy flooring, drywall finishes, textured coatings, machine coatings, conventional coatings, and more.

Electrical Services for Chemical Processing Facilities

MSC Floors also offers electrical services for chemical processing facilities through our division MSC Electrical. This can help ensure that all of the equipment in the facility functions with maximum safety and efficiency.

All of these services can provide your facility with everything required to meet safety standards and increase efficiency.

Benefits of Working with MSC Floors

When working with Michigan Specialty Coatings, you’ll see several benefits with the help of our services. In addition to FDA-compliant flooring, we also provide Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) flooring that meets the government, authority, and consumer standards.

Each flooring installation will meet all chemical processing industry standards, with dependable solutions that maximize safety.

Our Associations

Michigan Specialty Coatings has received recognition in the flooring industry for providing reliable flooring solutions, including an award for Tennant Coatings “Contractor of the Year” in 2015. MSC Floors has also been featured in Coatings Pro Magazine on several occasions, and has received two awards at the 2017 Coatings Pro Contractor Awards in New Orleans. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services, which has made us one of the best options in the industry, whether you need our services for a chemical processing facility or another type of business.

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