Need food and beverage floor coatings or other flooring services for a processing plant? MSC Floors offers several services that can meet your needs and help maintain FDA and USDA compliance. Learn more about our service offerings here and contact us today for a free site survey.

Food and Beverage Flooring Solutions


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A Proven History

MSC Floors has been serving the food and beverage industry for over 15 years.  Our clients look to us as a contractor that understands their unique needs.

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Food Processing Flooring

Food and beverage processing facilities have certain specific requirements regarding flooring. Factors such as extreme temperatures, wet settings, and high-pressure washing can cause damage to floor surfaces if they’re not sufficiently protected. This makes it necessary to maintain floors using a combination of reliable floor coatings and maintenance services that keep the floor in good condition for many years.

Substances such as hot oils, animal fats and blood, sugar, and acids can eventually cause significant damage to floors.

Specific sectors within the food and beverage industry will also come with different requirements to maintain a safe and functional work environment. These sectors include:

Bottling and Blending

These facilities require durable and flexible flooring that can withstand high equipment and vehicle traffic.


Bakery facilities need floor coatings that provide protection against corrosion from sugar that makes contact with floor surfaces.

Dairy Processing

Dairy processing facilities need long-lasting and durable flooring that can withstand the cleaning requirements for both dry and wet manufacturing processes.

Meat Processing

Heavy-duty flooring will include more hygiene protection along with high-grade texture to help prevent slipping, trips, and falls, while also providing protection from animal fats, oil, grease, and blood, along with rigorous cleaning methods.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Fruit and vegetable processing flooring systems are designed to accommodate heavy traffic and high temperatures, while also providing protection against corrosion from acids, sugars, preservatives, and flavorings.

Snack Food Processing

Slip-resistant floors will be able to maintain safety for workers in the area.

Cold Storage

Floor coatings will be quickly installed in damp conditions and at low temperatures to help minimize downtime and spoilage risk.

Regardless of the sector, all flooring in the food and beverage industry must meet all of the health and safety regulations as specified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Concrete Preparation Services

Concrete prep services are needed to make sure that coatings don’t peel, fail, or break over time because of insufficient adhesion. Through the proper preparation of the concrete substrate prior to coating, flooring systems will be able to function more effectively and prevent flaws from forming in the flooring surface that could otherwise result in more damage and contamination. This is where MSC Floors shines.

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Food and Beverage Processing Plant Concrete Repair

Concrete will occasionally require repairs for minimal to large amounts of damage. Concrete repair services can include shotblasting and sandblasting, concrete diamond grinding, trip hazard removal, scarification, concrete scraping, crack bridging, floor sloping, floor flattening, dry concrete cleaning, and dust proofing.

Crack and Joint Repair

Cracks often appear in floor surfaces over time due to damage and aging, which can generate risk of contamination and accidents. Crack and joint repair services can eliminate safety hazards and minimize the risk of accidents, eliminate the potential for bacteria growth, prepare concrete and substrate for floor coatings, and remove contamination areas.


Floor and Wall Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

Floor and wall services are required for many types of food and beverage processing plants, from floor coating to cleaning and extensive repairs. MSC Floors offers a variety of these services to keep food and beverage processing floors in great condition, including:

OSHA Floor Striping Safety Standards

Certain food and beverage processing facilities may need OSHA floor striping, which we also provide to meet all OSHA safety guidelines for floor marking and striping.

Tank and Wall Coatings for Food and Beverage Processing

Tank and wall coatings offer a higher level of durability and resistance to equipment and critical rooms. They can prevent chemical damage, make tanks and walls easier to clean, provide protection against corrosion, and provide additional food safety.

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting is often required for food and beverage processing facilities, and we can provide painting for for nearly any project imaginable, from floors to ceilings. Painting services can include vinyl and aluminum finishing, drywall finishes, seamless epoxy and urethane flooring, conventional coatings, machine coatings, textured coatings, and more.

Benefits of Working with Us

When working with Michigan Specialty Coatings, you’ll experience several benefits with every service we offer. In addition to providing flooring that adheres to USDA and FDA compliance standards, we also provide Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) flooring systems that can comply with the standards of governments, consumers, and authorities.

Your flooring installations will be able to meet all food and beverage industry standards, with high-quality solutions that maximize safety.

  • 10 crews and over 50 installers ready to dispatch from Eastern and Western Michigan locations. Servicing Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois
  • All crews and personnel are uniformed with personal protection equipment and arrive in MSC marked vehicles
  • Floor Technicians are trained to OSHA safety standards, drug-tested, and background checked. 
  • Expert project managers provide proper planning for seamless execution of projects
  • Safety is our top priority! EMR is an impressive .67 and EVERY employee of MSC Floors is certified in first-aid and CPR.
  • Featured in Nationally-Circulated Coatings Pro Magazine several times offering tech tricks to the industry
  • Received national recognition as Protective Industrial Polymers “Contractor of the Year” in 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022! As well as Tennant Coatings “Contractor of the Year” in 2015.
  • Featured articles Coatings Pro Magazine several times. Awarded 2 awards at the 2017 Coatings Pro Contractor Awards in New Orleans as well as an Award recipient at the 2018 Coatings Pro Contractor Awards in Phoenix
  • Long standing member of Avetta and ISNETworld – as a prequalified contractor.  Lots of stellar Google reviews from customers!

Our Associations and Awards

Michigan Specialty Coatings has Received national recognition as Protective Industrial Polymers “Contractor of the Year” in 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022! As well as Tennant Coatings “Contractor of the Year” in 2015.. We have also been featured in Coatings Pro Magazine on several occasions, and have received two awards at the 2017 Coatings Pro Contractor Awards in New Orleans. Our dedication to providing top-quality products and services has made us one of the best options in the industry, whether you need services for a food and beverage processing plant or other industrial or commercial facility.

Electrical Services for Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

MSC Floors, through our division MSC Electrical, also offers electrical services for food and beverage processing plants to make sure that equipment is able to function properly and safely. 

All of these services can combine to give your food and beverage processing facilities everything they need to meet safety standards and maintain efficiency.

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