Urethane cement, also known as urethane concrete, is a type of resinous floor coating that uses innovative technology to bind certain cement powders, which results in a high-quality floor surface.

Benefits of Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

Urethane concrete floor coatings come with several benefits, including resistance to chemicals, impact, thermal shock, and abrasion. These advantages make urethane cement flooring—including epoxy and urethane mortar floor coatings—ideal for installation in facilities that utilize thermal cycling processes, which entail the use of hot temperatures followed by cold water wash-downs.

These flooring solutions are often installed in food and beverage processing facilities, along with pharmaceutical production areas.

Epoxy Urethane Cement Floor Coating

Epoxy is one of the best types of coatings for resurfacing concrete floors. Installers can apply small to large thicknesses of as much as over 80MLs, based on the specific needs of the application.

Epoxy makes concrete floors stronger and more visually appealing, potentially increasing the flooring’s light reflectivity by up to 300%. These floors can also include various colors and company logos to further increase the facility’s appeal and create designated areas for walkways or safety precautions.

Many types of facilities can use epoxy urethane concrete flooring, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Hospitals
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Auto body shops
  • Aerospace facilities
  • Galleries

These are simply some of the many locations that benefit from this type of floor coating.

Urethane Mortar

Unlike epoxy, urethane mortar isn’t an adjustable floor coating. This material is applied at 350-500 sf per gallon, or thicknesses of 2-3MLs. Urethane alone doesn’t bond to concrete, either, which makes it an insufficient floor coating to apply directly to existing floors. Despite these shortcomings, urethane is great for use as a top coat and sealing material for most epoxy applications.

Urethane mortars are frequently installed in food and beverage production facilities because of their ability to create smooth and seamless flooring that is resistant to both heat and moisture. It’s also resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for industrial or lab environments.

High-Quality Urethane Concrete Floor Coatings from MSC Floors

Ultimately, a combination of epoxy and urethane mortar cement floor coatings can give your facility what it needs to remain safe, efficient, and appealing. Using epoxy as the foundation and urethane as a top coat to protect and seal the floor, your facility will be able to resist damage from wear and tear over time while preventing harm to employees and visitors.

Here at MSC, we can provide you with high-performance urethane concrete floor coating installations, maximizing safety and efficiency in the process. To get started with us today and begin with a floor coating installation, request a free site survey and we’ll assess your facility floors to design and install the best solution.