MSC Floors (Michigan Specialty Coating) offers complete floor coating solutions for many types of facilities throughout the midwest including Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Floor Coating Solutions in Michigan and All Over the Midwest

Our expansive coverage area makes us a leading concrete floor provider, and we’re devoted to keeping our clients happy wherever they are. We are not the type of contractor that will not mobilize unless it’s a large square footage. If you are a customer and you need help on a small project we will be glad to help. Whether you have a small warehouse in need of high-quality floor coatings or a larger project, we’re available to visit your location and provide a complete installation.

With two strategic locations in Michigan, MSC Floors services the midwest region including:

Simply contact us and we’ll get started on your flooring project today. Regardless of what your business needs, we’re ready to provide you with the best services and materials available. We won’t settle with the results until you’re satisfied.


5407 Gratiot Ave

St. Clair, Michigan 48079


Western Michigan Location:

9982 Miller Dr.

Galesburg, MI 49053